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Fresh from their environmental protests digging up green spaces, an Extinction Rebellion cell in the East Midlands has printed new controversially pro-Coronavirus stickers. The literature, which calls human life a ‘disease’ and Coronavirus ‘the cure’, was distributed in the West Midlands yesterday.

Extinction Rebellion ‘coordinators’ have this morning distanced themselves with this group, which is followed by scores of other Extinction Rebellion groups across the country. The trouble with having a terrorist-like cell structure is that when one group makes a PR faux par it’s hard to disavow them…

This is what Extinction Rebellion’s leaders believe, the East Midlands group is just following the logic of their messaging, which often pushes the discredited idea that there are somehow ‘too many people’ to sustain.  A perfect world for Extinction Rebellion types would be one with no travel, no industry, no jobs, and no humans at all…

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