John Bercow: Unreadable

Bercow only finished his self-publicity tour of Southern Remain-voting areas last Wednesday, and yet it is already impossible to find any retailer selling his book at the full asking price. Turns out even his Guardian Live conversation with Owen Jones couldn’t turn things around…

Amazon, Waterstones, and even Manchester Airport WHSmith’s are practically giving the book away well below the recommended retail price. To see a discount in an airport shop is particularly damning…

If Bercow ventures to Amazon, he’ll see 49% of readers give the book a one-star review. Guido knows how much Bercow appreciates the views of a minority…

Comments from unhappy buyers include:

“Bercow is a classic narcissist. All the symptoms are present”

“John Bercow, a man who never quite got the message that he wasn’t wanted. Now still seems to miss the hint.”


“This book neatly explains why he hasn’t got his peerage.”

“A very heavy book in hardback and quite thick. I imagine it works very well when stood upon to kiss a much taller and unfulfilled wife”

If you need any kindling to get you through Storm Dennis, now’s your chance for a bargain…

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