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Labour’s party political start casting has unearthed some interesting talent. Last night’s ad featured Holly Garshong (Ferguson); a firefighter from Sunderland who was one of two champions picked to represent Great Britain’s inaugural team in the Naked Sledding World Championship a couple of years ago. The website that organised Britain’s entry described Holly as perfect for the sport as she was “raised by an avid family of nudists”…

“Aside from actually enjoying sledding and feeling at home as the traverses the snow covered slopes, she has also been raised by an avid family of nudists who love nothing more than baring all in the company of others.

“We used to go on nudist holidays and it was just normal to me, growing up,” said Holly. “We started when I was about six and I just got brought up that way. Everyone was naked and people weren’t looking at each other like that – it was just normal.” Given this, our outgoing fitness instructor from Barnes in Sunderland is ideally placed to lead from the front.”

Sadly Holly was knockered out of the competition by German porn star Melanie Müller…

Labour’s broadcast also featured the same conspiracy theorist who starred in their last PPB and:

  • Claimed 9/11 was an inside job.
  • Repeatedly claimed the US is supporting ISIS.
  • Claimed the assassination of JFK was a ‘false flag’ inside job, Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the CIA, and it was all so that the US could invade Cuba.

Was no one else available..?

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