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This weekend, one of the safest Tory seats in the country will be selecting its next MP – Michael Fallon’s former seat of Sevenoaks. On the shortlist are a local councillor, Graham Clack; former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson; and former Cameron adviser Laura Trott.

Trott may have work to do rowing back from her Newsnight prediction during the leadership election. This summer Trott predicted that Boris would fail in his renegotiation, saying Europe doesn’t like Boris and that there isn’t time to get it done. She then predicted that a general election would follow and lead to a Corbyn government. Nice and faithful…

Trott is clearly worried about not being selected for the true blue seat, fortunately her friend James Kirkup has used a Spectator blog as a thinly-veiled forum to lobby for her selection

 “Ms Trott would make an excellent MP: intelligent and hardworking, she was a force for good in the Cameron government”

Where he also takes the opportunity to extensively slag off her Brexit and Boris-backing competition. Trott by name, Trot by nature…

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