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In yet another clear sign that the misty-eyed adulation of Greta Thunburg is definitely #NotACult, the BBC has done another fawning piece on the teenager, this time revealing the plastic bucket Greta will be pooing in for the next two weeks to stop the apparent imminent extinction of mankind. Greta will be pushing for a resolution at a New York Climate summit, to get there she’ll be crossing the Atlantic in a small ‘zero carbon’ sailing boat with no toilets. Like anyone enduring personal hardship on principle and not for publicity, she’s taking a filmmaker with her just to make sure everyone else knows about it too…

Greta’s latest stunt is just another reminder that the hard eco-left won’t stop at getting people to do more recycling or developing cleaner forms of technology, their aim is the total destruction of capitalism while taking the general population back to medieval living standards, just without the meat. While supposedly sensible politicians continue egging them on

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