Major Prorogued Parliament in 1997 to Suppress “Cash for Questions” Sleaze Scandal

John Major has continued his recent campaign to make a fool of himself with a threat this morning to take the Government to court if it prorogues parliament to enable a No Deal Brexit to take place. Funny how Major didn’t have such a problem with proroguing Parliament when he abused his power to do so in 1997 in order to delay the publication of a highly embarrassing report into the “cash for questions” sleaze scandal involving his Government. Flagrant hypocrisy even by his standards, he must be glad no-one sued him then…

Prorogation is presented as a power grab but in practice all it does is keep the law as it is – preventing changes to the statute being made for a time. It wouldn’t work as a mechanism to deliver a No Deal Brexit if MPs hadn’t already voted for No Deal. When they set it as the legal default by passing the EU Withdrawal Act a year ago.

The pernicious trend of Remainers trying to wage ‘lawfare’ against every political decision they don’t like is much more damaging to the constitutional balance of the state. There’s only one group of people who benefit from it – the lawyers…

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Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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