McDonnell Spoke About Personally Feeling Violent Towards Tory MPs

John McDonnell has been busy retweeting his outrage today at Mark Field’s response to a woman who broke into last night’s Mansion House dinner walking towards the Chancellor while clutching a bag. But in 2011, John “Lynch The B*tch” McDonnell spoke about his desire to use physical violence against Tory and Lib Dem MPs “getting worse.” He told a Unison audience:

“I’m getting worse. I sit in Parliament opposite a group of multi-millionaires, who are cutting these services with alacrity. My problem is I’m beginning to feel physical towards them. These people need a good slapping.

My McAliskey moment is coming to me, and I’ve already been thrown out for grabbing the mace once.”

McDonnell told the audience he was “beginning to feel physical towards” MPs who supported the coalition government, citing Bernadette McAliskey, a republican MP for mid-Ulster who slapped Home Secretary Reginald Maudling across the face in the House of Commons following Bloody Sunday. It’s one rule for him and his violent language, another for an MP who took preventative measures against a protester who had broken and entered into last night’s dinner… 

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