Actual Channel 4 News Question: Boris Johnson is a Homophobe and a Misogynist, “How Would You Feel About Him Being in Charge?”

This is an actual press release sent to Guido’s inbox from Channel 4 News last night. The lesbian couple who were shamefully attacked in London were interviewed earlier for the show. The interviewer explained to the couple (who are foreigners) who Boris Johnson was, telling them first in the preamble to the question that he was – unbelievably – a homophobe and a misogynist and then going on to ask them what they thought of him. A coached and leading question to the victims of a homophobic attack, who gave a not to be unexpected answer in the circumstances. Then press released it because given the viewing fiigures nobody would notice it otherwise…

They are supposed to be an impartial news organisation, regulated for broadcasting by Ofcom, not a left-wing campaign. Frankly Guido is amazed that they have managed to cobble together tomorrow’s debate…

UPDATE: Ben Cohen, former Channel 4 News reporter, former editor of Pink News and now CEO of the global gay title slams the bias:

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Conrad Black on Max Hastings and Boris…

“As the former employer of both of them, and although their positions were of unequal importance and challenges, on balance I must declare Boris to be more reliable and trustworthy than Max.”


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