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This morning Jeremy Corbyn is in Portsmouth attending a D-Day commemoration. He commended the “unimaginable heroism” of the men who “laid down their lives in the fight against fascism.” Since we are dwelling on the Second World War today it is relevant to note that Corbyn has previously praised Hitler-appeaser George Lansbury, and quoted his call to disarm during the Second World War as a “lesson for today.”

Unbelievably, Corbyn wrote in a 2003 article titled “Lansbury’s lessons for today” that Lansbury’s call for Britain to give up its weapons after World War II had already started was “wonderful”.

“As war broke out in 1939 [Lansbury] wrote ‘I am also quite certain that the first great nation that declares its willingness to share the world’s resources, territories and markets and also disarms will be the safest in the world’. I hope Tony Blair, on his travels on behalf of George Bush, reads at least that part of this wonderful work.”

Corbyn presumably has not contemplated the consequences had Chamberlain, Churchill, or Attlee followed “this wonderful work”…

Corbyn further wrote that Lansbury was “one of the labour movement’s great figures”, despite Lansbury having met with the Nazi leader and saying “I think history will regard Hitler as one of the great men of our time.” Is it any surprise that Corbyn is so happy to hang around with murderous tyrants..?

Hat-tip: Iggy Ostanin
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