Mad Remainer Files Official Complaint that Brexit Party’s Logo is Too Good mdi-fullscreen

The stark contrast between the Brexit Party’s slick, professional branding and The Independent Group/Change UK’s neverending horror show has been the source of endless amusement. Unfortunately, some Remainers are failing to see the funny side, one mad FBPEr has had such a severe sense of humour failure that he has filed an official complaint about the Brexit Party’s logo. For being too good…

Richard Bentall #FBPE, who is apparently also a professor of clinical psychology, wrote to the Electoral Commission to complain that the Brexit Party’s logo was an arrow – which funnily enough is next to the voting box for them. “In my professional opinion,” he splutters, “the ballot paper confers an unfair advantage to the Brexit Party.” The only thing giving them an unfair advantage is Change UK’s chronic incompetence…

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