Father of Green Party Candidate’s Children Runs Tax Haven Linked Mining Company

A leading Green Party candidate has three children with a man who runs a global mining company, based in the Seychelles, a tax haven on the OECD blacklist. Vix Lowthion was recently selected as a Green MEP candidate for the South East of England. Despite some arguably non-green connections…

The father of Vix’s kids, Paul Craggs, actively operates 46 ‘primary resource extraction’ sites across Eurasia, running Xannat International Ltd. Xannat mines, produces, and distributes aggregates, concretes, copper concentrates, and construction stone for road, rail, marine, and concrete applications. He has said that he manages “a consolidated turnover significantly larger than many hedge funds.” Cragg’s job is to tear natural resources out of mother earth and sell them… for a profit… Which must have made for some exciting pillow talk.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article said that Vix Lowthion and Paul Craggs were married. Guido is happy to clarify that they are not but do have three children together. Guido is happy to clarify that Craggs has confirmed that whilst Xannat International is based in the Seycelles, “All of our business streams in their various localities pay their full local tax obligation.” We can not confirm the ownership of Xannat International because the Seychelles has no public registry or indeed any filing requirements. It is for this reason on the OECD blacklist for enabling tax evasion.

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