Labour PPC Wrote “You F**kin Ethiopian Jew”, “You Look Like a.. Ethiopian Jew” mdi-fullscreen

Labour selected as its new Parliamentary Candidate for Aldershot last night, Abby King, who works as a staffer for the Shadow Minister for Local Transport, Matt Rodda MP.

Her Twitter history raises a lot of questions as to her attitude towards the Jewish community.

What is going on in the Labour Party..?

UPDATE: Ironically, it turns out King herself had warned about about falling into the ‘trap’ of having old tweets dug up during an interview with the Royal Holloway student newspaper last year:

Abby admits that she “loves a bit of political tweeting” during this downtime too… we agreed that politics and Twitter could be a dark place at times… younger politicians can fall into the ‘we dug out your old tweets and found this’ trap.

Guido is not sure her tweets above fall into the category of “political tweeting”. King has now locked her account…

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