‘Revoke Article 50’ Petition Creator Threatened May, Discussed How to Buy “Legal” Guns and Take Them to Commons

Remainers and Leavers alike have been getting a little too excited about the Revoke Article 50 Petition. Yes, you can sign it as many times as you like with made up email addresses and whatever name and country you care to put in. Yes, there are videos online explaining in detail how to use bots to hijack Parliamentary petitions – exactly what happened with the second referendum petition immediately after the referendum. Is it actually going to stop Brexit? No, that will be MPs…

The creator of the petition is a certain Margaret Anne Georgiadou, who went on LBC to discuss the petition this afternoon. Now Guido can reveal a series of shocking posts from her on Facebook where she makes repeated death threats against Theresa May. She even discusses in detail with fellow Remainers how to purchase “legal” guns and go to the House of Commons.

In January, Georgiadou wrote about how she hoped that May would kill herself. In two further comments that now appear to have been deleted, she described May (or possibly Andrea Leadsom) as a “creature” that “needs putting down” and threatened to shoot May “point blank”.

In another deeply disturbing thread, Georgiadou and two other Remainers discuss at great lengths how to purchase “completely legal” paintball guns and them load them with “solid ‘training balls'” that will cause “extreme pain”. Georgiadou asks if people “need a licence” to own one and “where can you buy?” She then jokes about shooting Brexiteers “with impunity”…

Georgiadou’s friend ‘Dino Bragoli’ shares multiple more links to websites where these guns can be purchased, before instructing her to “never shoot them in the back, always shoot them in the face or better still, the groin at close range” and what to say to avoid being prosecuted. Georgiadou responds “where to buy, and how much?”

Georgiadou and the others then discuss how to make the weapons even more painful by modifying them to contain pepper spray, before ‘Chris Hunsicker’ comes up with the suggestion of bursting balloons filled with chili powder at the House of Commons. Georgiadou responds that his suggestion is “very constructive if you ask me”, then Bragoli shares a picture of his own pistol complete with ammunition, a rifled barrel and an extra modifications:

This is not just idle threats of violence against politicians, Georgiadou and her associates were engaged in detailed discussions of how to purchase weapons within the bounds of the law and modify them to cause maximum pain, then talking about going to Parliament. Deeply concerning….

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