BBC’s Genome ‘Expert’ is Tory-Hating Corbynista Who Dismissed Labour Anti-Semitism

The BBC have been having a go Matt Hancock after he gave a speech championing genomics, after a test prompted him to revealed that he had a higher risk of prostate cancer. The Beeb managed to line up some ‘experts’ like UCL’s David Curtis to label him “frankly ridiculous”. Never mind that the speech was well-received by both the British Heart Foundation and Association of Medical Research Charities. One of Curtis’s UCL colleagues even called Hancock’s speech incredible. Guido wouldn’t go quite that far but genomics is a genuinely exciting medical advance…

The Independent managed to get some even juicier quotes from Curtis including “as a health secretary, he displays a quite astonishing level of ignorance about the NHS.” However it looks more like it was the journalists who had an “astonishing level of ignorance” about Curtis. Far from being an impartial expert he’s a fully signed-up Corbynista who likes to spend his spare time calling the Tories “real bastards”.

An active Twitter user, Curtis is so much of a Corbyn fan that he has hit out at the Jewish Chronicle for reporting anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, the Union of Jewish Students for ‘exaggerating‘ anti-Semitism, and called Margaret Hodge a “dick” for expressing her “groundless fears of a “rise” in anti-semitism.” Sounds like a lovely guy…

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The Guardian’s election editorial urges voters to back Labour with the compelling argument:

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