60% of People Think the BBC is Biased Against Brexit mdi-fullscreen

Both Brexiteers and FBPErs both like to complain that the BBC is biased against their side, now the country as a whole has given its verdict and come down on the side of the Brexiteers. A new ComRes poll for Leave Means Leave has revealed that, excluding don’t knows, 60% of people think that “organisations like the BBC seem in favour of remaining in the EU and have not provided an impartial view of Brexit.” This rises to 75% among Leave voters…

The same poll found that 64% of people with a view think that “The Civil Service seems in favour of remaining in the EU and could have misled both ministers and the public with research designed to put Brexit in a negative light.” An anonymous whistleblower confirmed as much in the Telegraph this morning. The British people know an establishment stitch up when they see one…

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