Boles Threatens May with No Confidence if She Delays Meaningful Vote Again mdi-fullscreen

Rumours are swirling this morning that Theresa May is preparing another delay – this time on the second meaningful vote, dubbed ‘MV2’. The speculation is that May could pull MV2 and replace it with yet another amendable motion in the hope of securing Commons approval for a more specific plan for Cox to take back to Brussels. Truly desperate stuff…

What is very likely is that Cooper, Boles and Letwin will look to retable their amendment to hijack Parliament and force through their Brexit delay Bill if May moves another motion rather than MV2. Now Nick Boles has raised the stakes even further, with a scarcely veiled threat to vote against May in a vote of no confidence if she goes back on her commitments to bring MV2 and the two subsequent votes – on no deal or delaying Brexit – to the Commons:

May is truly running out of road now, she can only delay crunch time so many times. That said, bit rich for Boles to be giving a lecture about breaking political promises…

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