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The embattled People’s Vote campaign have released a new video featuring someone who claims to have voted Leave but now changed his mind to support Remain. It already has a combined 150,000 views across Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately for them, ‘Paul from Stoke’ is actually hyper-remain political activist Paul Tomlin, who even says he’s ‘proud to be a Londoner’

In the run up to the vote he pleaded with family and friends to ‘vote to stay’, posted that he will ‘get his country back’ if Britain votes to remain, and warned that ‘if we vote to leave there is no way back’. On the day of the results he lamented the Brexit vote with a vile post celebrating Nigel Farage’s plane crash.

Even more vile, in May 2016 he posted a picture of children in a Nazi death camp saying that voting to leave the EU would risk another holocaust.

This is who People’s Vote chose as their poster boy. Can they plausibly pretend that they didn’t know he voted Remain. Or did they tell him to lie..?

Now he proudly sharing the lie on Facebook:

Guido has reached out to Paul Tomlin for comment. He may well have “Bregrets” about his decisions now…

UPDATE: The video has now mysteriously disappeared from the People’s Vote Facebook and Twitter accounts. Naturally, Guido has preserved it for everyone to see…

UPDATE: Guido has spoken to Paul, who admitted that he was a remainer both before and after the referendum, but claims he nonetheless did vote leave. He told Guido that he decided to vote leave “a day or two” before the Referendum, and changed his mind back immediately after he left the polling booth. Conveniently, this time corresponds to immediately after the last post he made encouraging friends and family to vote Remain, and just before he posted implying he wished Farage had died in a plane crash…

Tomlin posted nothing about his short lived Damascene conversion on social media, and was not willing to share with Guido any texts or Facebook messages he sent to friends during this brief period. Seems legit…

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