Tusk vs Vote Leave’s “Mincing Machine”

The predictable response from Remainers to Tusk’s hell comments yesterday was naturally to agree with him, while again peddling the myth that Brexit campaigners didn’t have a plan. They did…

While it is correct to say that Vote Leave made the strategic decision not to publish a full-on white paper-style plan to avoid getting it filleted Salmond-style, Vote Leave did nonetheless publish considerable detail on what Brexit should look like*, including leaving the single market, regaining an independent trade policy and immediately guaranteeing EU citizens’ rights unilaterally. Also central to their plan was a three-phase framework for how to approach the negotiations, including multiple warnings against triggering Article 50. Ivan Rogers fans eat your heart out…

One prominent former Leave campaigner has penned a pithy response to Tusk which more or less sums up the UK’s current predicament:

Dear Tusk,
Lucky for you the MPs did every single thing the opposite to what Vote Leave said.
You were celebrating when Number 10 triggered Article 50 without a plan or a clue.
If they’d followed the Vote Leave plan and started making preparations to leave without triggering Article 50, you would have been stuffed.
Negotiating with Vote Leave would have been like running into a mincing machine, they’d have kicked you down the street like they did Cameron and Blair.

Then Gove backstabbed Boris, and the rest is history…

*Not to mention the thousand-page magnum opus Change or Go published by Vote Leave’s predecessor Business for Britain…

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