Andrew Marr Backs Labour-Style “Customs Deal” for Brexit

The BBC’s flagship political interviewer has been a little bit indiscreet with his personal views on Brexit. According the Estates Gazette, Andrew Marr stood in for Laura Kuenssberg as guest speaker at the British Council for Offices annual dinner last Tuesday, where he told the guests “why he fears no-deal Brexit”. Not a surprising view for a Beeb bigshot to hold but normally they keep it to themselves…

The veteran broadcaster was instead plumping for the alternative option of a “customs deal” along the lines of what Labour are calling for:

“There are plenty of big attractions. It solves a lot of problems and I think a lot of senior MPs will be pushing this on May. It could work, even if people say it is not a real Brexit, as the main reason that the vast majority of people voted to leave was based on issues around immigration. The problem for May is that she will likely lose a quarter of Tory MPs – the likes of Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis – who will argue that it is not a proper Brexit.”

Looks like Red Andy might have had a momentary lapse back to his days as Editor of the Independent when he was busy attacking Tony Blair. For being too Eurosceptic…

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Scruton reflects on Twitter’s vigilantes…

“We in Britain are entering a dangerous social condition in which the direct expression of opinions that conflict – or merely seem to conflict – with a narrow set of orthodoxies is instantly punished by a band of self-appointed vigilantes. We are being cowed into abject conformity around a dubious set of official doctrines and told to adopt a world view that we cannot examine for fear of being publicly humiliated by the censors. This world view might lead to a new and liberated social order; or it might lead to the social and spiritual destruction of our country. How shall we know, if we are too afraid to discuss it?”


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