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In his interview with Evan Davis last night, over the course of nine questions Chris Williamson failed to answer why or whether Corbyn laid a wreath on the graves of Black September terrorists who died in 1991/1992, instead trying to pivot, obfuscate, confuse, and bewilder, repeating the line that Corbyn was there to commemorate those killed in an Israeli air attack in 1985, deliberately avoiding the actual questions being asked.

Read a transcript below:

  1. “What was he thinking then when he laid the wreath apparently on the graves of four people who were apparently members of Black September, not killed in 1985?”
    • “The terrorists who were involved with the atrocity in 1972 were not even buried in that cemetery”
  2. “Why was the wreath ‘for people in 1985’ laid on four people who died in 1991 and 1992?”
    • “It is a moot point”
  3. “Answer the question whether it was a mistake when he [Corbyn] laid the wreath on the graves of the four people, whoever they were, but who were certainly not killed in 1985, whether that was a mistake or whether that was deliberate, or what was going on given that you and he have said it was all about 1985 and nothing else?”
    • “Well that’s right, and you’re asserting that Jeremy laid the wreath.”
  4. “Are you denying that he laid the wreath by the four graves or not?”
    • “Jeremy was there for a particular ceremony,¬† a commemoration of those individuals who were killed by that Israeli airattack”
  5. “You’re being mildly disingenuous on this. We basically¬†have pictures of your party leader laying a wreath on the graves of four people, three of whom were members of Black September, the fourth also probably associated or linked with Black September… why did he lay a wreath there? It appears we have photographic evidence that he did”
    • “It appears, and it’s a bit rich to accuse me of dis ingenuousness when I think the BBC have been disingenuous”
  6. “Would you lay a wreath at the tombs of those four?”
    • “Jeremy was there at the invitation of the Tunisian President to commemorate that terrible [1985] airstrike”
  7. “You can help your party leader by just giving me a true or false: a wreath was laid by your party leader at the graves of four members of Black September. Is that true or is that false?”
    • “He was there to lay a wreath for the victims of a Palestinian airstrike”
  8. “You’re unable to answer the question, is it true or false that he laid a wreath by that [grave]?”
    • “Unable to answer what question?”
  9. “Did he lay a wreath next to the graves or on the graves of three or four members of Black September?”
    • “The commemorative ceremony related to the victims of the Israeli airstrike in 1985”

Not one single answer.

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