Why Brexiters Are Worried

This is why Brexiters are worried that if Theresa May continues with her ‘customs partnership’ fudge and fails to make next month’s customs union vote an issue of confidence, the end game is we remain in a customs union.

The way to prevent this outcome is for May to make clear to Brussels and Remainers once and for all that her premiership rests on properly leaving the customs union, forcing the rebels to back down and the EU to be more reasonable. How else do Number 10 get leaving the customs union through the Commons?

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Quote of the Day

Ed Davey on who he would like to see lead a government of national unity

“Yvette Cooper for obvious reasons, she’s been very high-profile in cross-party work, and I’ve also mentioned Hilary Benn as chair of the Brexit Select Committee. But it would not be for me here to make that suggestion, it would be for others working cross-party. I think it probably has to be a Labour MP because most of the MPs supporting a Queen’s Speech would be Labour. Ultimately it’s a challenge to my Labour colleagues, many of who realise a no-deal Brexit would be deeply damaging to their constituents.”


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