Corbyn Expresses “Sincere Regret” But Refuses to Apologise Over Anti-Semitic Mural

New Corbyn statement:

“In 2012 I made a general comment about the removal of public art on grounds of freedom of speech. My comment referred to the destruction of the mural “Man at the Crossroads” by Diego Rivera on the Rockefeller Center.

“That is in no way comparable with the mural in the original post. I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image I was commenting on, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and anti- Semitic. I wholeheartedly support its removal.

“I am opposed to the production of anti-Semitic material of any kind. and the defence of free speech cannot be used as a justification for the promotion of anti-Semitism in any form. That is a view I’ve
always held.”

Corbyn’s statement is of course totally disingenuous. He falsely claims he only made a “general” comment and did not look “closely” at the mural. This is untrue… he specifically commented on the mural and praised it…

Come on then Labour moderates… Today the Absolute Boy has been exposed for defending an anti-Semitic mural and then sacked a Remainer to distract from it… You gonna do anything or stay silent as usual?

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Quote of the Day

Dame Laura Cox report into Pestminster slams Bercow and his team…

“I find it difficult to envisage how the necessary changes can be successfully delivered, and the confidence of the staff restored, under the current senior House administration.”


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