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Guido has previously reported on how the LibDems produce fake newspapers to hookwink voters – well, this is the most egregious example yet. Residents in Richmond and Twickenham have had a copy of the “Richmond & Twickenham Gazette” through their doors today. It has the appearance of a real newspaper, carrying multiple news reports attacking the government and splashing on a “story” criticising the Tory-controlled Richmond council. Let’s have a look at some of the “reporters” writing for the Gazette…

Piers Allen is described as the paper’s “Social correspondent”, with his byline on an apparent news report attacking the government on poverty and carrying a quote from a local LibDem saying the story is a “damning indictment of the Tory party”. Piers Allen is not a journalist. He is the co-chair of Twickenham & Richmond LibDems and a local LibDem councillor. 

Next the paper runs a story by its “Europe correspondent”, Alicia Bridges-Westcott, writing glowingly about how Vince Cable is “fighting to give you the final say on the Brexit deal”. Guess what? Alicia Bridges-Wescott is not a Europe correspondent. She is the campaign manager for Twickenham & Richmond LibDems. 

It gets worse. A report by “Health correspondent” Simon Drage runs a quote telling readers that “heartless Tory cuts” have caused an “NHS in crisis”. Forget that NHS spending has increased under the Tories. Simon Drage is not a health correspondent. He is the Seat Strategy & Intelligence Officer at LibDem HQ.

Finally we have a story from Jonathan Cardy, apparently the Gazette’s “Finance correspondent”, reporting how the Tories are spending money that could be spent on hospitals on Brexit. It will not surprise you to learn that Jonathan Cardy is not a finance correspondent. He is a LibDem councillor in Richmond.

The only admission that this newspaper is a pack of lies comes in this imprint at the bottom, which confirms it is published by Twickenham & Richmond LibDems. A fake newspaper with fake news and fake journalists – the LibDems are infamous for being the dirtiest campaigners but this is a new low…

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