Labour Suspend Campaigner to Keep All Women Shortlists Real Over “Women Don’t Have Dicks” Tweet mdi-fullscreen

Jennifer James, who has raised £20,000 to fund a legal challenge to the decision by the Labour Party to allow self-defining women on to All-Women-Shortlists, has been suspended by the Labour Party over a tweet which said women do not have a penis. In Corbyn’s loony Labour Party this earns you a suspension…

Her campaign follows genuine grassroots anger from women from all wings of Labour that the party has recently allowed males to be elected as women’s officers and males to be selected over females in all-woman MP candidate selections. Left-wing feminist Jennifer, a mother, also warned that

“In fifteen years’ time when your daughters miss out on their Uni places cos of men, when your mum is in a hospital ward with men, when the Olympic women’s 100m gold is won by a man and when a fully grown man follows your little girl into the women’s loos at Maccys… remember us.”

According to a Labour Party spokesperson the NEC recently “confirmed that all women shortlists are and always have been open to all women, which of course includes trans women.” This is surely taking “brocialism” too far?

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