O’Mara Has Not Helped a Single Constituent in Months

You get the feeling something has got to give with Jared O’Mara. A damning editorial in the Yorkshire Post this morning dubs him “Yorkshire’s missing MP”, bemoaning the watered down Recall Act’s inability to let his constituents get rid of him. The paper went down to his office to try to find him – obviously he wasn’t there, but even more revealingly his office manager admitted O’Mara hasn’t helped any of his constituents since he’s been off work – the last four months.

“In December, O’Mara’s office said he would not be attending Parliament on medical advice but added that he was continuing to work “very hard” for constituents in Sheffield. But after The Yorkshire Post visited his constituency office on Friday, the day he previously held constituency surgeries, O’Mara was not there. His office manager Maggie Flude said he did come to the office but would not reveal how regularly he comes to work or when the last time he turned up was and couldn’t give a single example of him helping a constituent.”

If O’Mara is too stressed to turn up, why are his office claiming he is working “very hard” for his constituents? If he is working “very hard”, why are they unable to give a single example of a constituent he has helped? The reality is O’Mara is trousering his £75,000 MP’s salary for as long as he can before his inevitable departure from politics – and doing no work for it. Labour don’t want to act in the interest of his constituents and tell him to go in case they lose the seat in a by-election. Until he quits, for all purposes the people of Sheffield Hallam do not have an MP…

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