McDonnell Says Labour Should Move Out of Offshore Owned HQ

John McDonnell has suggested Labour should move out of their London HQ after Guido revealed it was owned by an offshore trust. Last week we told you how Labour rented their office in the Southside development in Victoria from an investment trust established in Jersey. The rent Labour pays goes offshore. Asked about it by John Pienaar this morning, McDonnell said Labour should end their dealings with their current landlord:

John Pienaar: Should Labour be renting property from an offshore related business?

John McDonnell: I don’t think we should have any dealings with offshore businesses until they pay their taxes, but to do that you have to have openness and transparency so you know exactly what’s going on, but also once you’ve done that then you can take legislative action to ensure all those companies pay their taxes effectively.

Pienaar: When it comes to the Labour Party you can decide now where you are going to rent your base?

McDonnell: That is exactly what we have been saying. We have been lobbying to say whatever company anyone is involved in, should be open, transparent and should be paying their taxes effectively.

When will they be moving out?

UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like the lease runs until 2022. Hope they have a break clause…

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