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A Labour member who shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories blaming Israel for 9/11, ISIS and the Charlie Hebdo attack was allowed to host an exhibition stall inside the party’s conference last month, Guido can reveal. Tapash Abu Shaim was seen manning the Palestine Solidarity Campaign desk inside the conference centre secure zone. Shaim was given a pass despite his social media activities being reported to the party in August and concerns being raised last year over his attendance at Labour conference 2016.

Shaim’s promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracies on social media has been well documented. In the wake of the January 2015 Paris terror attack he posted: “US politician Jack Lindblad claims Charlie Hebdo killings were ‘by US and Mossad’ to keep Israel’s Netanyahu in power”.

In another post he labelled terror group Daesh “ISIS = International Solidarity for Israeli Sentiment”. He shared yet another which read: “confirmed ISIS is a Mossad united state of IsraHELL creation”.

Shaim has also shared articles claiming 9/11 was a “Tel-Aviv based outside job”. He suggested the tragedy was: “a deluge of false flag terrorism.” 

An eyewitness who was present at the party’s conference in Brighton said:

Shaim hardly left the PSC stall, talking to members, answering questions and taking pictures. He had a conference pass on. A simple Google search would have revealed his past comments. It’s shocking he was allowed back in this year after especially his activities had been reported to the party.”

A source tells Guido Shaim is still a Labour member. In fact, he has senior connections: earlier this year Shaim dined with the party’s Head of Digital Organising and former PSC boss Ben Soffa, who is married to Cat Smith. Shaim is followed on Twitter by Jeremy Corbyn’s official account…

The Labour Party was contacted for comment. Yet another disturbing revelation following a Labour conference mired in anti-Semitism

UPDATE: Labour Friends of Israel has called on the party to expel Shaim. Jennifer Gerber, Director of Labour Friends of Israel, said:

“It is disgusting that a Labour party member and Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist promotes conspiracy theories about the Jewish state being behind Islamist terror attacks.

“Given that both the Labour party and the PSC were made aware of Mr Shaim’s posts earlier this year, questions must be answered regarding how this individual was allowed into conference. The Labour party should expel Mr Shaim immediately and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign should cease all relations with him.”

UPDATE: Guido understands Labour has now launched an investigation into Mr Shaim’s behaviour. A Labour Party spokesperson said:

“We are an anti-racist party and condemn in the strongest possible terms antisemitism and all forms of discrimination – they have no place in our Party. Our recent rule change at Annual Conference show the Party is taking a pro-active approach to tackling antisemitism. This rule change will strengthen our disciplinary proceedings and help the Party uphold its core values of equality, solidarity and inclusion.”

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