Politico Playbook Adds to Morning Mail Congestion

As we welcome Politico’s London Playbook email to our inbox it is getting a bit congested. Here (with timestamps) are the Brexit & political incomings this morning:

Politico Playbook – 06:45
PoliticsHome – 07:54
Bloomberg Brexit Bulletin – 08:01
Times Red Box – 08:22
MirrorPolitics – 08:30
BrexitCentral – 08:36
The Waugh Zone – 08:41
Editorial Intelligence Digest – 09:00
Open Europe Daily Shakeup – 09:04
ConservativeHome Daily – 09:08

LabourList and Stephen Bush’s emails are more of a brunch affair, usually showing up around 10ish, the Spectator has a lunchtime and an evening summary of what’s just happened. If you want to know what is going to be in tomorrow’s papers, today, get the Guidogram. It goes out just after 5pm, is short, sharp and succinct, with no rambling editorial analyses. Subscribe here.

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Quote of the Day

George Osborne reviews his career…

“After university, I tried and failed to get a job as a journalist — and so I became the Chancellor of the Exchequer instead. And when I tried and failed to stop Britain voting to leave the EU, I stopped being Chancellor and became a newspaper editor instead. I’d had enough of the fake news, the spin and fiddled expenses of politics. So I thought I’d try journalism instead.”


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