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Jeremy Corbyn is here to stay, so below Guido teaches you how to speak like a true believer with our dictionary of Corbynista slang. The officer class of Jezza’s youth wing communicate online and in real life in a hybrid Islington-East London-socialist dialect. You may have noticed this lexicon appearing in your Twitter feed. Now you too can speak like a trendy young Corbynista…

Melt (n) derogatory

  1. Labour moderate / member / activist / journalist / pollster who is perceived to be a non-Corbynista.
  2. Someone who disagrees with your political opinions.
  3. An idiot.

E.g. Alt-left journalist Aaron Bastani: “You are an absolute melt Neil Coyle.”

Slug (n) derogatory

  1. A harsher term than “melt” used to describe serious enemies of the revolution.
  2. Term of abuse aimed at evading sanction from the Labour compliance unit.

E.g. Jon Lansman protege Max Shanly: “Chris Grayling is a massive slug.”

Derivation contested. Some Labour etymologists believe it derives from communist ideology, which encourages the dehumanisation of political opponents. Others say it comes from David Brent in The Office.

(to) Salt (v)

  1. The act of berating a political opponent online.
  2. What a Corbynista does to a slug.

E.g. “Bastani salted that slug.”

Jolyon (n) derogatory

  1. An upper middle class male member of the Labour Party whose perceived privilege prevents him from participating in the Corbyn project.

E.g. Former Corbyn spinner Matt Zarb-Cousin: “I’m not a Corbyn staffer any more you weird Jolyon.”

Derivation: Coined in justifiable tribute to tedious Twitter QC Jolyon Maugham. Slightly more unfair on former Labour spinner Jolyon Green.

(the) Absolute boy (n)

  1. A Labour figure enjoying legendary status among Corbynistas.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn himself.

E.g. Pro-Corbyn journalist Abi Wilkinson on Newsnight: “Jeremy Corbyn is the absolute boy.”

(to) Absolutely see off (v), (to) Body (v)

  1. To defeat your opponent comprehensively in a political debate.

E.g. Corbynista Twitter account Hywel Roberts: “Dan Hodges absolutely seen off.”

Skipper (n) sarcastic, derogatory

  1. A sarcastic phrase used to describe a Labour member or journalist disliked by Corbynistas.

E.g. Matt Zarb-Cousin to Chris Deerin: “You don’t understand politics anymore skipper.”

All the best, Take care, Love to the family (phrases)

  1. Sarcastic phrases to be used when ending a conversation with a political opponent on Twitter.
  2. The Corbynista equivalent of a mic drop.

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn (lyric)

  1. Semi-official Corbynista anthem sung to the tune of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.
  2. Watch here.

This’ll be helpful when the revolution comes…



  1. Usually middle-aged, white male opponent of the Corbyn revolution.
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