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The image of Jeremy Corbyn searching in vain on his iPad for the childcare figures this morning got Guido thinking about how much Jez relies on his aides to bail him out. This is a recurring theme. Time and time again he doesn’t know the party line and has had to be saved by a member of his team…

In an interview yesterday Corbyn bizarrely let slip that he would “obviously open discussions with the government of Scotland” about another independence referendum. This caused an almighty stir and forced Corbyn’s spokesman to put out the fire with a clarification: “Labour firmly opposes a second independence referendum”.

Last weekend Corbyn refused five times in a TV interview to condemn the IRA or say that they were terrorists. Why couldn’t he just do it? Later that day his spokesman had to put out a statement clarifying that Corbyn does indeed believe the IRA were terrorists.

Then there was the benefits freeze fiasco at Labour’s manifesto launch. Corbyn caused much confusion when he told journalists “we have not made a commitment” to end the freeze on benefits. Except, Labour party policy does make that commitment. A Labour spokesman had to clarify that Jez supports “an end to the freeze”.

Asked by a journalist about his Brexit policy last month, clueless Corbyn inexplicably failed to rule out a second EU referendum. His spokesman once again had to jump in and save him, clarifying: “A second referendum is not our policy and it won’t be in our manifesto”.

Corbyn didn’t know his numbers this morning, and some Corbynistas are trying to dismiss it as a meaningless one off. The truth, evidenced by how often his spokesman has to clarify his random ad-libs to journalists, is that Jezza is a 68 year-old man who is not on top of his brief. Time and time again he gets the basics wrong and Seumas has to step in and correct him…

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