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Dear Friends,

Please join me in remembering George Miller.

Tragically, he died far too early, in 2009, at the age of just 54. Like me, you will remember him as a gifted and relentless campaigner against the Soviet Union – someone whose tireless work helped to bring about the fall of communism in Russia. He deserves a fitting memorial, which is why I’m writing to ask for your help today.

George is buried in the grounds of St Edmund’s Orthodox Monastery in Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey. It’s a beautiful spot but his grave is marked only by a thin wooden cross that will not last forever. I’m hoping that with your help, we can raise the funds for a more fitting and permanent tribute to this great man.

Some of us worked with George, mentored and helped him in his jobs and campaigns. For others it was friendship with George that led them into activism and what some look back on as the bravest deeds of their lives. Many are proud of the small roles he gave them that helped towards the collapse of the USSR. The peaceful dissolution of the Soviet regime was greatest single advance of mankind since the Second World War and freed hundreds of millions of people from spiritually and materially impoverished lives.

His achievements aside, he was a dear friend. Like me, you may recall the warm, kind and charming man with twinkling eyes whose charisma attracted so many to the cause.

The monastery and George’s family have given their permission for a headstone to be placed over his resting place. We have looked for the most affordable options and we envisage nothing extravagant, simply an ordinary stone that will commemorate his campaigning life and mention that it was raised by his friends and admirers – something that will preserve his memory and stand the test of time.

Throughout his work George received unstinting support from his dedicated and devoted mother Kira. She is buried by his side and our aim would be to commemorate her too.

I hope this is something that we would all want to see. Of course, it can only happen if enough of us chip in. We have set-up a JustGiving webpage where donations can be made online.

Once the memorial is in place, we will host a brief ceremony for subscribers so you can view it and hopefully see some old friends at the same time.

I know we all have many calls on our resources, but if you feel George deserves at least this, please do join me in supporting this appeal generously. As those of us who knew him well are relatively few, every extra pound counts and what you give really could be the difference between success or failure.

Thank you in advance for your help – it’s very much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you when the new memorial is in place.

Kind regards,

Rt Hon Julian Lewis MP

Also writing on behalf of Nigel Linacre, Richard Thoburn and Russell Walters.

Donate online via JustGiving

Obituaries: Telegraph, Guardian, Independent

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