May vs “Lady Nugee”

Emily Thornberry has blown her top and is protesting to the Speaker after Theresa May called her “Lady Nugee” in the Commons. Lady Nugee is Thornberry’s official title by virtue of her marriage to the High Court Judge Sir Christopher Nugee. The Speaker did not judge that there was anything wrong with Thornberry being formally addressed… 

UPDATE: Thornberry protests with a point of order, telling the Speaker “I have never been a lady and being married to a knight won’t make me one”. May insists she was not being disorderly but offers an apology, then hits back: “For the last 36 years I have been referred to by my husband’s name”.

Flashback: The Tale of Lady Nugee’s Walled Garden

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Quote of the Day

No prizes for guessing who Andrea Leadsom is talking about:

“As you said last week, Mr Speaker, we have a responsibility to safeguard the rights of this House and as Leader of the House I seek to do exactly that, treating all members of parliament with courtesy and respect. I hope and expect all Honourable and Right Honourable members to do likewise.”


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