Vote Leave Offer £50 Million Payout to Predict Euros

Not wanting to be outdone by one-time rival Leave.EU splashing half a million quid on a pop concert for teenagers from the late 90s, Vote Leave are offering a whopping £50 million to whoever can correctly guess the outcome of every Euro game in the upcoming tournament. £50 million is also the amount Vote Leave says taxpayers hand over to the EU everyday…

Boffins at the Sun calculated that the odds of guessing every game right are roughly one in five sextillion, players can wager the outcome for free, and in the event of nobody winning a £50,000 consolation prize will be given to whoever guessed the most outcomes. Given the match outcomes aren’t truly random the real probability is a lot less than the boffins presume. The sum in any event is backed up by a Lloyds insurance policy, so pro-Brexit players needn’t worry about bankrupting the campaign should they win. Free bet with £50 million on the line – seems a no brainer even for Remainers…

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David Gauke rejects Corbyn as a ‘national unity PM’

If anyone thinks the answer is Jeremy Corbyn, I think they’re probably asking the wrong question.


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