Pro-EU Charities Paid £200 Million By EU

EU funded charities

BSE have put out a press release pushing the line that charities oppose leaving the EU. At least they’re honest about the reason: “New research shows leaving Europe could cost UK charities over £200 million a year“. There is even a handy breakdown showing how much the EU hands out to each charity each year:

Oxfam GB: £38,799,473
International Rescue Committee UK: £22,990,156
The British Council Royal Charter: £19,986,116
The Save The Children Fund: £19,767,256<
International Medical Corps UK: £14,098,995
Mercy Corps Scotland: £11,045,230
World Vision UK: £5,311,721
Plan International (UK): £4,876,119
Actionaid: £4,714,942
British Museum: £4,357,968

In total British charities receive £217,597,098-a-year from the European Union, though in reality this is UK taxpayer cash that has been sent the cogs of Brussels bureaucracy only to be returned to the third sector. See Dan Hannan’s video on EU charity sockpuppets:

A charity that relies in the main part on taxes is no more a charity than a prostitute is your girlfriend. It is no wonder these sockpuppeting charities on the EU gravy train are campaigning to Remain…

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