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Back in 2009, when Guido was a one man blog, the site generated just over 9 million page views. With 3 bloggers in the following 2010 election year the site generated just short of 19 million hits. In the 2015 election year the site got just short of 35 million hits from over 7 million unique users. We’re on trend to reach 10 million users and 50 million hits by 2020…

Unlike most of our digital rivals we don’t have any debts or hordes of hungry venture capitalists to placate. Nor are we subsidised by billionaires or union barons. We are growing organically rather than going for a profitless land-grab…

This is a good time to update readers on our periodical jihad against toxic, boring repetitive comments from people to whom you would not want to be sat next to in a pub. We want the comments to be like a fun pub with a good atmosphere and friendly banter. Last year we introduced Disqus comment registration and we were told – by the same boring, repetitive comment makers – that it would be the end of the site. Traffic rose. We blocked 20 toxic trolls last month and it made little difference to even the number of comments received, we still had 81,772 comments. We warned toxic trolls they were in danger of getting blocked and we blocked them for repeat offences. That is our arbitrary policy.

commentsThey can of course come back if they make the effort of using a combination of new email addresses and proxy servers. Guido has only one question: why bother? There is a website that is almost entirely focused on immigration and Islam – the issues that motivate comment bores most. 2014’sIslamophobe of the Year“, Raheem Kassam, confirms that he has no intention of blocking anyone. Breitbart is the place for you to bang on repetitively in a forum that welcomes you. Guido asked Raheem did he welcome our banned comment makers? He replied:

“Bring me your (sick and) tired, your poor (grammar), your angry masses, yearning to be free (to say what they want).”

Go where you are appreciated. Bye, bye! 

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