EU Budget: UP!


Remember when David Cameron said that a measly 3% budget cut was a deal that wasgood for the UK? Well, today, it seems that it is much better for the EU. Rather than the promised 3% real terms cut it has turned into the complete opposite. This year it is increasing by over 6.9%.

A deal reached on a Saturday by the EU ‘Conciliation Committee’ means that the budget is actually increasing from €145 billion to €155 billion for 2016. In 2013 Dave told us proudly of his agreed lower budget “I battled off every attempt to change it in any way”, this weekend his government nodded through a €10 billion increase.. 

Euro News

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Quote of the Day

John Mann says any Labour MPs with a leave voting constituency must back Boris Johnson’s deal, and

“I won’t be stabbing my constituents in the back by allowing a second referendum”


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