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Jeremy Corbyn accepted a £5,000 donation from a man who claimed Palestinians have a “moral right” to terrorism. Prof. Ted Honderich, who donated the money to Corbyn’s leadership campaign last month, wrote in a 2011 letter to the Guardian:

“Palestinians have a moral right to their terrorism within historic Palestine against neo-Zionism”

Honderich went on to describe Palestinian terrorism as “based on true humanity“:

“Terrorism, as in this case, can as exactly be self-defence, a freedom struggle, martyrdom, the conclusion of an argument based on true humanity”

In an interview with Iranian state television channel Press TV, Honderich is quoted as repeating his comments:

“What is happening in Palestine, what is being done by neo-Zionism is such that it gives Palestinians, I happen to believe this and it’s gotten me into trouble, a moral right to their terrorism against neo-Zionism within all of historic Palestine.”

In 2002 Honderich wrote a book called “After the Terror“, which was withdrawn from sale in Germany after Holocaust Centre director Micha Brumlik alleged it was anti-Semitic.

This is Honderich’s donation to Corbyn:

Here is Honderich tweeting his delight at Corbyn’s victory:

Will the Labour leader return the £5,000 given by a man who openly supports Palestinian terrorism?

UPDATE: The Daily Telegraph follows-up with a report that a spokesman for Jezza said: “The donation was made but Jeremy does not agree with his statements on terrorism. Jeremy is opposed to the use of violence.”  

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