Like Cockroaches, the Corbynista Swarm Survives mdi-fullscreen

Fat Labour loosened its corsets but couldn’t fill its benches. Many gaps in the ranks. Opposition MPs were wandering Westminster in a daze of incredulous despair and failed to find their way into the chamber.

Many of them will fail to find their way back into the House at the next election.

Their constituencies are being swamped with aliens who don’t share their values or culture and who are swarming over their General Committees to vote in others of their kind. They stick together, those Trots. Boy, do they breed. And like cockroaches, they survive.

They must have been pleased to see the end of Harriet Harman. It was her last stand-in at PMQs. She finishes her career surprisingly as a crypto-Tory. Cameron paid her a handsome tribute (being one of his own) and she missed the opportunity to cry shame! Shame! Shame on you! Her sharpest point was a suggestion he call for a summit of EU leaders to deal with the refugee crisis (as if he could).

Would Syrian child refugees be deported when they reached the age of 18, she asked? Their feet wouldn’t touch the ground, Cameron assured the House. He phrased it cleverly: “The assumption is they may be able to stay.”

And while he was at the forefront of “an enormous national exercise to give 20,000 people a warm welcome,” he was distinctly against “economic migrants from Libya who are not fleeing for their lives.”

But law and logic tell us that all Syrian refugees in Europe are economic migrants. They stopped being refugees when they got into Turkey.

Harriet’s final exhortation was to the whole nation. “To be British is not to be weak, fearful and inward-looking” she declared. That’s true. Our island virtues were being “strong, confident, proud to reach out and engage.” I was waiting for, “Blenheim, Quiberon Bay, Trafalgar, Waterloo!” Maybe the Trots are right about Harriet, she’s been a class mole for 28 years in the Labour party. Now she’s coming home.

Cameron wanted to destroy ISIL “in the interests of civilisation.” That’s proper Tory talk.

It makes the left defend Islamism. Good luck with that, chaps. Liberal opinion is slowly overcoming its intolerance of judgementalism to say out loud that Islamic sex-slavery and execution of gay people/adulterers/cartoonists by fire is not wholly in accordance with liberal thinking.

Bernard Jenkin called for a “full-spectrum response” to ISIL. That is, “UN human rights observers combined with a pyrochlastic catastrophe called down from the skies to incinerate the evil.”

It’ll be interesting to see how a Corbyn-led Labour party will vote on air strikes.

And finally, two MPs rose to denounce Iain Duncan Smith. He had used the N-word in the House and caused great offence. Yes, he had called people without disabilities “normal’. It’s put the cause of non-discriminatory language back by about eight minutes. Not even the Speaker could rule against it, not without offending his new constituency (the Tory right).

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