Labour Leadership Row Spills Into Commons

burnham kendall

Today’s Opposition Day debate about A&E services will not feature the two faces of Labour’s health team – Andy  Burnham and Liz Kendall.

Instead it will be topped and tailed by two non entities – Jamie Reed and Andrew Gwynne.

So where are the leadership contenders?

Well Guido hears there was a right old ding dong this morning about Burnham getting too much airtime, banging on about health in the Commons all the time. As such the Labour whips sent both Kendall and her boss to the naughty step and neither will be leading the speaking today, despite their names clearly being at the top of billing. It’s war…

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Quote of the Day

In response to Dominic Grieve’s rumoured plans to request the Government hand over private communication about prorogation to Parliament, Cummings said:

“For a supposedly adequate lawyer who loves the ECHR, Grieve doesn’t seem to realise that his request for private messages is blatantly illegal and will be rejected by the Cabinet Office. We love the rule of law in No10.”


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