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It’s not just the Commons camera angles that are new. At last the Men in Tights have updated Parliament’s god damn awful video service:

· Agenda and index

For sittings in both Chambers, an index will update in real time displaying the name of the Member speaking. Each entry is clickable and jumps to the exact point in the video. This will allow users to easily find and watch specific sections of the proceedings. The agendas will also be available ahead of meetings.

· Sharing and embedding

The site also offers users the ability to quickly mark the start and end of contributions and share these on social media. Embed code allows website owners to insert video clips directly onto websites.

· Audio download

An MP3 audio file of each sitting or meeting can be downloaded from the site.

· Search function

Users will be able to search Chamber footage by Member for meetings going forward.

Guido has been playing around with it, and hasn’t managed to blow it up yet. It is a million times better

But it has one obvious teething problem. Here is today’s PMQs, which when copied over from the site could seriously do with a resize function:

Experiment here.

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