Islamophobe of the Year: The Winners!

Each year, the loony Islamic Human Rights Commission vote on their ‘Islamophobia awards’. Douglas Murray describes them as a “British Khomeinist organisation”, though worryingly the awards are also endorsed by the likes of Rowan Williams and Peter Oborne. So, here are this year’s proud winners:

  • Theresa May – Islamophobe of the Year: according to Muslim news website 5Pillars, the Home Secretary “beat her ex-cabinet Tory Party colleague Michael Gove to the prize, has been a driving force behind the introduction of yet more repressive legislation targeting the Muslim community”
  • Maajid Nawaz – UK Islamophobe of the Year: confusingly, they have a second ‘UK’ award, which goes to the Quilliam Foundation’s LibDem candidate Nawaz, who is a “poster boy of Islamophobes, regularly appearing in the media to demonise Muslim organisations”
  • ‘American Sniper’- Islamophobic Film of the Year: described as a “jingoistic apology for an illegal combatant who revelled in the killing of Iraqis”
  • Fox News – Media Islamophobes of the Year: “a major source of misinformation about Islam and Muslims”
  • Charlie Hebdo – International Islamophobes of the Year: the main award goes to the French magazine which was victim to a terror attack at the hands of Islamic extremists.


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