SKETCH: Charities Commission Boss Up Before Hodge

No offence, but what an example of the cockroach state Sam Younger is.

These creatures are ineradicable. They move from one six-figure job to another, with benefits, expenses, networking opportunities, performance bonuses and pensions that will eventually bankrupt the state.

When questioned about their multiple inadequacies and long-term failures, they crank the handle and a foul pipe pumps out their vile administrative sewage.

They have realised that if they don’t stop cranking they can’t be controlled.

And then they just make things up.

Younger mentioned how important the tax arrangements of charities were to him and his regulatory regime.

Hodge quoted a judge’s written verdict just two months ago. Younger was “transfixed by the idea that tax matters were not for you”. Adding, “So don’t come here pretending tax matters are close to your heart”. It was a fine display of contempt, which he treated with his own contemptuous cranking of his handle and pointing the pipe at her.

The Charities Commission has been opulently criticised for its failures under Younger – failures that went back years before him which he leaves behind him unmended. Nothing he said gave anyone any confidence that anything was changing.

Andrew Tyrie of the Treasury select committee made a point saying that committees’ destiny was not so much to scrutinise the Govenrment but the panoply of quangos, commissions, Trusts and arms length boards that now are beyond any other democratic control.

To do this, they need many more resources. Pay. Personnel. Counsel. Better clerking.

Hodge’s Public Accounts Committee meets twice a week. In her way, and in this capacity, she has a certain magnificence.

But it’s too much work to assemble the case, refine the arguments, prepare the committee to nail these rent-seeking quangocrats.

The Liaison committee (itself a lamentable catwalk) needs to make the case to Government and the House of Commons Commission.

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