Introducing Dave’s Latest Inspirational Slogan

Following on from the resounding success of the Big Society, We’re All In It Together, Aspiration Nation, the Global Race and For Hardworking People, Dave’s latest inspirational slogan is Land of Opportunity. Clearly itself inspired by his Land of Hope and Glory Love Actually moment. Today Cameron will say he wants:

“To make this country, at long last and for the first time ever, a land of opportunity for all. For all. So it makes no difference whether you live in the North or in the South, whether you’re black or you’re white, a man or a woman, the school you went to, the background you have, who your parents were. What matters is the effort you put in, and if you put the effort in you’ll have the chance to make it. That’s what the land of opportunity means.”

Right. It’s basically just Aspiration Nation without the rhyme…

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Quote of the Day

In response to the news that Emily Thornberry described the Lib Dems as “like the Taliban” over their new revoke Article 50 Brexit policy, the former Lib Dem leader responded:

“Come on Emily, if we really were like a Middle East terrorist group, don’t you think Jeremy would’ve invited us to a conference fringe meeting before now?”


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