What Housing is Like in Loony UN Investigator’s Home Country

The UN is hamstrung when it comes to children being gassed in Syria, but at least they are tackling the far more important issue of Britain’s own bedroom ‘tax’. Loony Lefty former Brazil Workers Party housing minister turned UN investigator Raquel Rolnik has press released her report months before it is due, claiming that the idea of not wasting taxpayers’ money on empty bedrooms is “shocking” and “my immediate recommendation is that the bedroom tax is abolished”. Maybe she should take a look at what the housing is like in the favelas back in her home country:


Apparently the UN think having a spare bedroom paid for by the taxpayer is a human right. Guido understands no effort was made by Rolnik to meet with IDS or any of his ministers and no information was requested from DWP…

UPDATE: This quite bonkers video betrays her left-wing agenda:

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