David Ward Does It Again: Says "Israel Cannot Last Indefinitely"

Suspended LibDem MP David Ward just cannot keep his bigoted mouth shut. He is also in denial that he is the problem, telling local media:

“That’s what I believe – that the apartheid state of Israel cannot last indefinitely. I would be a liar if I didn’t say that. But this is not my problem. It’s a problem for the party and it’s up to them to sort it out.”

So despite being suspended for questioning the survival of the state of Israel, he is continuing to question the survival of the state of Israel. And who is to blame?

“The chief whip believes I am courting the Muslim vote. But that’s damned insulting both to Muslims and the white community I represent in Bradford, who regularly come up to me and offer their support.”

How can Ward ever come back from suspension if he is continuing to say the very thing he was suspended for. Just as Guido warned. 

Yesterday the Deputy Prime Minister said:

“What I found totally unacceptable – and still find unacceptable – was his suggestion that any Liberal Democrat should raise questions about the right of Israel to exist as a state.

Time for Clegg to withdraw the whip completely. He’s mocking you Nick…

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