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The Tories take it as a given that George Osborne is some sort of brilliant electoral strategist, despite clear evidence to the contrary. On Monday he announced that gay marriage would be at the heart of the 2015 push for a majority. While it may appeal to non-Tory voters, vast swathes of Cameron’s core vote are up in arms. Despite this, Dave told Pink News recently that his party was behind the legislation. As the Speccie revealed last night, that is nonsense – Andrew Hawkins from ComRes has given Downing Street a dose of reality, and someone leaked it. Whatever your views on the issue, the data is very clear – the Tories will lose support if they go ahead. Guido is fairly certain Andrew Cooper knows how to read a poll:

Despite barefaced claims to the contrary, gay marriage legislation will lose the Tories more votes than it gains. Expect a swell in support for it from Labour. How exactly is that a election winning strategy?

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