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With the internet being down all morning, the working year has got off to slow start in the Guy Newsroom.  That is not to say there wasn’t much hilarity on the way in. It seems every single person still supporting Ken Livingstone was summoned today to hand out leaflets in the pouring rain at tube stations. Guido was so amused to find that he wasn’t the only one telling them to p**s off, that he tried to film the shenanigans at his stop. For some reason the TFL staff thought he was a domestic terrorist and moved him on…

Downstairs his plan for a quick and easy story didn’t come together very well either. The leaflets to the right were scattered up the length of the platform, but sadly the pencil-skirted young lady with an exquisite derrière, just out of shot, thought Guido was trying to take a picture of something else. Luckily the immediate arrival of a train saved a further altercation with security. Either way Ken’s leafleting drop is hardly the mobilisation his campaign staff are heralding it to be in their post-match tweeting. Nobody seemed very interested. Something the campaign should probably start getting used to…

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