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Last night’s Pesto phone-hack flap was over the fact that Coulson had his severance pay “Compromise Agreement” strung out such that there was an overlap with when he started spinning for Dave. It looks bad to be still taking the Murdoch shilling when you work for the man who wants to be Prime Minister.

It was almost a vintage phone-hacking day. Pesto got the leak, Guardian got cross and finally Tom Watson wrote a letter to someone. Apparently there must be a full investigation into all of this, however it seems these sort of delays are nowadays not so uncommon. Despite what Brillo and Yelland are saying about their respective terminations:


Brillo and Yello stopped taking the Murdoch shilling a decade or more ago. Guido can reveal that right now those journalists dismissed from the News of the World last month have similarly had their payments subject to a delay which means their own “Comprise Agreement” severance payments will not be settled until October 6. Certainly one way of keeping mouths shut until after Conservative Party conference…

Cynics might think that yesterday was a good day to bury a little bad news for News International. But that would be casting aspersions on Pesto’s independence from his mate Will Lewis, News International’s general manager. He surely would never leak anything to Pesto, his friend of two decades…

Incidentally, whilst we are on the subject, Coulson walked for the illegal activities which happened on his watch. Will the Guardian’s Rusbridger do the same if his journalists get nicked?

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