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Civil Servants and Downing Street staff breathed a huge sigh of relief as Brown walked into the sunset.  Finally a chance to close to door on the culture of bullying, tantrums and rage. But just as that door was closing, a recycled Converse clad foot jammed it open. Fresh from a sprint down Whitehall, Steve Hilton, out of breath and panting, created a formidable presence as he entered, mentally eyeing up a corner to build his temper controlling zen area.

Despite his blue sky thinking and change mantra, Hilton is actually cut from the same school of man management as the previous occupant of Downing Street. Famed for temper tantrums, the dynamics of his small/bald man complex play out on his sometimes tearful underlings. The knives are being quietly sharpened, though he is determined to keep his feet under the desk and his influence on government policy direction.  ConservativeHome’s Tim Montgomerie is already describing some of Hilton’s previous actions as “unforgivable“. It can’t be long before the sniping begins…

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