No News from the Government

If you are not getting any government press releases emailed to your inbox Guido has found out why:coi

The Government News Distribution Service at the Central Office of Information is, due to a system change-over, unable to e-mail out any press releases to subscribers.

The C.O.I. has a £150 million budget to distribute government information and they have lost the email list.  A new government I.T. low…

UPDATE : The C.O.I. have been in touch:

There is an issue with the news alert subscriber system which COI is investigating a fix for. No email lists or data have been lost.

So how many months has this been out of order? If you have the email list of subscribers, Guido could probably fix you up in a couple of hours for a small fee…

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Quote of the Day

Emily Thornberry tells Today

“I want a people’s vote but I want it to be a big and proper people’s vote, which is a general election.”


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